The mankind has to grow up

For the good of humanity itself – The humankind has to grow up if we don’t want to become extinct.  Or maybe I shouldn’t say “become extinct” but rather “exterminate and eradicate each other”.

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Change the world

To be honest:
Humans can be pretty evil and nasty. But instead of talking about it every one should start doing something against it. To help make us humans all grow up. All those people who complain about the world but decide just to let it resume to be the way it is, recognising the evil, the social malady and scourge but don’t even try to change something; I can’t understand them.
These people always swing big talks because they are presumably too anxious to step up to the plate. But who doesn’t fight back in any manner, in my opinion, does not deserve the privilege to even complain.

Thank you for your consideration.