Scrolling through thousands of awkwardly poetic lines of 172 clumsy poems I’ve written over the past few years I can’t help but realise that there are way too many words which I seem to have just worn out. Oh, I feel like I were abusing the letters for writing them down far too often.

Collocations and phrases which I can’t live without any more. Tender kisses, noxious mind, heavy thoughts and luminous eyes. Dark and light, up and low, here and there, thence and thither.
See, of course there do still exist many more words to describe my feelings alas there are times in which I’d give anything to embrace some new shiny words since the taste of my own has become nothing but stale and flat.
Please, I deeply, completely, infinitely, utterly, wholeheartedly and downright want to rearrange the letters.

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