Why do I try?

I cant breatheI cant breathe, I cant write, I cant breathe, I cant remember the last time every aching thought was at place.
I cant stand, I cant stand, I always seem to fall down for my lungs grew familiar with your never lasting sound.I cant watch, I cant see, there’s a haze all around and my eyes cannot open until tears hit the ground.
I cant move, I cant speak, there’s a lock on my lips, my nails have become friends with the skin on my hips.
I cant eat, I cant sleep,  I‘m going insane, I‘ve surrendered my heart to this never ending pain.
I cant laugh, I cant smile, there’s a constant heat for I set my mind on fire but all it does is bleed.
I cant live, I cant feel for I always mess it up, tell me, why do I try when I know I‘m not enough.


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