The mankind has to grow up

For the good of humanity itself – The humankind has to grow up if we don’t want to become extinct.  Or maybe I shouldn’t say “become extinct” but rather “exterminate and eradicate each other”.

The quality of maturity seems to be an unnatural and furthermore as well seemingly impossible characteristic for many people –
Being an adult has not only to do with attainig the age of majority and therefore being regarded as a legal adult, but it should also be taken account of the human context of adulthood.

Though, people keep on relying on their age bringing them wisdom and maturity while they often neglect the fact that they themselves are the ones making decisions – if you really want to behave mature, then you can. It is easy as that, you just have to understand it.

The problem about it all is that loads of people don’t even try to behave mature. We don’t fail in the battle for good, we fail at the attempt to try anything at all.

Is it because we simply don’t want to? Because behaving like a proper grown-up would mean being conscious of our own actions? And the more we are aware of the inflict our actions have, the more we are to be blamed for the consequences… Is that what we fear? Is that why we shut our eyes to the world and don’t even try to behave mature?
If we were mature, we would have to be responsible, not only for ourselves and our family, but somehow also for what’s going on in the whole world. We would have to understand that our actions have an impact and that we CAN change something ourselves, we do not have to wait for some myserious appeal or a catastrophe tying us all together:
We could prevent such a catastrophe.

Every one on this world has to grow up.
That some people aren’t ready for it yet (because they might be stuck in some kind of grown-up adolescence) doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start with ourselves.
We don’t have to better the world in one day (just baby steps, baby steps).

It’s just essential that we keep on moving in the right direction.




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